Vivo Sthlm food bike

Vivo (Portuguese, meaning alive, live, living).

Our personal intention behind Vivo is to fill more of our everyday lives with what matters to us, the stuff which makes us feel alive. Spending time as a family, connecting with other people and our local community, being creatively engaged and learning and trying new things.

The Vivo Bicycle is also an effort towards transforming how we “make our living”, into something which resonates with our beliefs and ideas about the world and into something which excites us.

Everything we serve from our Foodbike is vegan and made with love, mostly with ecological ingredients (grown by us where possible). 

But our larger aim is to satisfy more than your hungry stomach. We also plan to offer you a smörgårdsbord of small-scale local events and activities, to feed your thirst for... you tell us!

Our hope for the future of Vivo is that the Bicycle will serve as a meet-up point and a platform, from which all members of the Vivo Community can express and share what we know, or care deeply about, as well as explore things we want to learn more about. 

The Vivo Community will only exist if people want to participate and get involved. We wholeheartedly invite you to join us in its co-creation. If you've got ideas, feedback, or you want to know more we would love to hear from you!

For information on dates, locations, activities and what we are serving up next, watch this space...

To support us, please share widely with friends.

Gabriel & Susannah


11734 Stockholm


We have varied opening hours. Check our page on fb or intagram vivosthlm for dates and places we are out with our food bike. 





  • Medel

Typ av mat: 

  • Blandat
  • Raw food

Typ av utbud: 

  • Veganskt

Utbud och service: 

  • Catering
  • Kan hyras för fester
  • Tar kreditkort
  • Uteservering


Gluten-nut free options available

Veganskt på menyn: 

  • Dessert och sötsaker
  • Fuskkött
  • Macka
  • Paj
  • Sallad
  • Soppa
  • Tofu